About Us

About us:

We are a marketing company based in London, focalised in the sports business, specialising in Content Marketing, International services and Creative Content. Through our journalists we possess a unique access to clubs, players, managers and fans in most European countries. We have journalists and copywriters in 34 markets, covering 49 leagues and a total of 819 teams (football). We can offer first class content on practically every sport and event (Cycling, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Tennis, to name but a few).

Main aspects:

  • Creative Content: We have access to a team of journalists who can arrange relevant and unique contents for practically every sport. Our journalists are all professionals, with experience in their specific sport context and can produce pieces in most of the European languages for your needs (daily, weekly, monthly). We have a good experience in producing qualitative contents for gambling companies, magazines, internet sites and following live events.
  • International Services: We work in different markets, in different languages and in different sports. We can offer services for translations in different languages. Do you need to expand or externalise your business abroad? Our team can follow you for your needs…
  • Content Marketing: We can assist you in building a Content Marketing Campaigns. We can help you to implement your business in every Social Media aspects, in different sports and different languages.